Jack O'Lantern Resort Owners Association

Owners Special Meeting June 9, 2007 Minutes




Pat McDermott, Bill Grant, Roger Hultgren and Bruce Whitehead


The special meeting began at 9:00 a.m.


Members Present: Unit 2 Daley, Unit 3 McDermott, Unit 4 Lamontagne, Unit 5 Ford, Unit 6 Curtin, Unit 15 Cournoyer, Unit 16 Berenson, Unit 20 Whitehead, Unit 21 Keating, Unit 25 Grant, Unit 26 Farrow, Unit 27 Klaubert, Unit 28 Clifford, Unit 29 Grassa, Unit 30 Vogt, Unit 31 Hultgren, Unit 32 Cressman, Unit 34 Almeida, Unit 35 McGinn, Unit 36 Richard, Unit 37 Constantineau, Unit 40 Alves, Unit 41 Carrafiello, Unit 43 Glennon, Unit 45 Knapton, Unit 47 DeFabrizio


Pat McDermott reported the news swings in the childrenís playground have been installed.†



Two buildings are complete the third building is about 75% finished.


Storm Damage:

Bill Grant reported that our insurance claim was almost $22,000.00 of which there is a $2,500.00 deductible. The damage of three pool pumps has not been decided. PIB our new roofing contractor did roof repairs to the damaged units.


Pat reported that the new bathrooms in the cabana are complete.


The outdoor pool solar cover and heated water are currently working fine.



Bill Grant reviewed cost and options for the new cabana project.† Estimated cost for building demolition indoor pool repair or possible replacement for the present pool structure, landscaping, decking, electrical, plumbing, air handling unit and hot tub replacement were all discussed.


Questions from members relating to the cabana:

Condition of foundation The Turner Group has reported that the foundation was fine.


Electric & Plumbing: Pat reported that all the electric and plumbing and handicapped access would probably need to be brought up to code.


The longevity of wood verses metal was discussed the BD will be getting quotes on both.


Timing: the BD reported the building/repairing parts of the structure will take 3 to 4 months barring any unforeseen occurrences.


Pat reviewed the survey results from the association members.


After a member asked to have an informal vote on whether to have two pools or one pool.† The result was 21 to 7 in favor of having 2 pools 1 indoor and 1 outdoor.

Pat stressed that the vote taken at the meeting was an informal vote and that a new survey that will include options and rough estimates will be sent to all the members within one week so that all member will have the opportunity to vote on the project.


Members expressed their appreciation to the BD of Directors for their hard work and time spent to gather information.


Roger Hultgren spoke on pre-construction cost of two different glass buildings.† Both were in the range of $400,000.00, he explained that plain glass buildings are expensive to heat in the winter and tend to be hot in the summer.† New technology in glass can change this condition considerably.† He also reported that one company had suggested updating the existing building as long as the engineers approved the current structure as being up to code and structurally safe.† This option would be considerably less than new construction.


One member said that a year round outdoor pool was not a good idea that the one at Indian Head Resort was rarely used.


One member asked throughout the year how often the indoor pool and hot tub are used.† Pat reported that May through October they are used all week long, and spring and fall mostly on the weekends.† In the winter every weekend, holidays and school vacations.


One member mentioned itís like having a third vehicle itís something you donít use all the time but are happy to have it available.†


The question was asked about the associationís ability to borrow funds for the project.† Pat reassured the members that it would not be a problem and that options will be investigated.

A member mentioned that having the indoor pool year round was the reason she purchased her unit and wanted it replaced to protect her investment.


A question was asked relating to a special assessment.† Pat indicated that they need a 2/3-majority vote of the owners after the proper notice has been given to all owners.† Owners will be able to submit their vote electronically.†


A member said he wanted the project started sooner than later.


Pat stated that the survey will be going out to all the members by June 13th and must be completed by June 23rd the owners will get the results by July 1st and a special meeting will be held in mid August.


WIFI Internet Access:† Roger reported that 70 percent of the members voted in favor of internet access.† He reported the cost of installation would be $20,000.00 to $30,000.00 was more expensive than many companies wireless installation costs.† Option 2 would be individual access; it would be $25 to $45 per unit.† Doug Maguire reported that if 35 units were on line the price would be cut from $45 to $25, he also reported that if there we 50 units the price would go down to $19.† Doug has told the BD he is looking into a bundle package of internet and telephone together.†


Roger reported that the 3rd option would be to have several drops located on the property.† The downside might be slower speed but most of the time it would not be noticed.† He also noted that this area of NH does not have a high volume of users on the cable network therefore, throughout would be good most of the time.† One member suggested this option and may require high maintenance.


Pat completed the meeting by reporting that only 20% of the owners responded to the first survey on time.


The owners must complete the new survey on time if they want to be included in the survey.




Bruce Whitehead, Secretary