Jack O'Lantern Resort Owners Association

Annual Meeting Minutes March 29, 2008- 9:00 a.m.





Pat McDermott, Bill Grant & Bruce Whitehead


Sharon Lamontagne, Phil & Liz Benotti, Connie Foley, Paul Murphy, Dennis Duggan, Jeff & Stephanie Berenson, Kathy Grant, Gary Farrow, Richard Klaubert, John Clifford, Ian Vogt, David & Pat Cressman, Peter McCabe, Bill Menard, Susan Almediea, Andy & Joanne Richard, Lynda Constantineau, Susan Alves, Michael Carrafiello, John & Elaine Egolf, Robert Glennon, Richard & Tammy Jerome, Robert DeFabrizio, Cilla Avery Unit 5 (Fords).


A nomination process took place for new BOD members. Bruce Whitehead was elected for a three-year term and Dennis Duggan was elected for a two-year term. 


Bill Grant presented the 2007 financials. He noted that in addition to the budgeted amount of approximately $41,000, an additional $6,500 was added to the reserve account.  The additional funds were generated primarily as the result of lower utility costs by not running the indoor pool most of last year. Again we have budgeted in 2008 approximately $41,000 to replenish the operating reserve, which ended the year with a balance of some $73,000.  Most of the reserve is already earmarked to complete the reroofing of the four remaining phase I units.  Currently each building is costing approximately $14,000 to complete.  It is currently anticipated that the four remaining buildings will be completed in 2008 around the summer rental season. 


Wes gave an overview of the winter months. The roofs on seven units had ice dams; Wes will take care of these repairs before the rental season begins. Most of the dams were in phase I that have not had the roofs replaced.  Wes said that the low temps alarms were a great help.


Wes reported that the snow removal equipment was severely overworked this year.


Spring cleanup plans will include removing all of the sand from the roads and removing all broken branches.


Wes commended Al Chilson for all his help this winter.


Connie Foley expressed some concern about the ice in the area of her condo. Wes said the area does not get any sun.


Pat McDermott reported that we do not have the proper equipment for a winter that was this harsh.  She said she felt the pickup truck that the association owns will not pass inspection and will require $1,500 in repairs. The BOD will look into purchasing a new or used pickup truck in the future. The board will also look into the cost of a used front-end loader.


Peter McCabe expressed a concern with mice and ants in the condos. Wes told the owners to use a product call TERRO for the ants. He recommended using traps for the mice.  Bruce recommended using mouse Decon pellets around the woodpiles.


Pat McDermott gave the report of the Assessment update. Currently, four owners are unpaid:  owner A plans to pay, B. is changing hands within the family and will pay, C. is in business transaction, D. is up for sale but they have promised to pay.  Four other owners still owe the second payment.  The BOD has not yet put a lien on any property but may start the first week of April.


Robert Glennon asked what the total amounts were for the assessments?  Pat reported that $440,000 of the $500,000 has been collected.


RFP: Pat M. told the owners that the BOD will have to choose between the Clerk of the Works or a General Contractor. She has received advice and help from a gentleman located in Concord.  The RFP will be sent out April 1, 2008.  The walk through will be April 7th, returned bids must be in by May 15th, and the contract will be awarded on June 1, 2008.  Construction date hopefully will begin on June 15th with completion within 6 months.


Richard Klaubert asked if the BOD had decided on the type of structure? He expressed his concern that he did not like the building that the Board looked at at Evergreen.  Pat M. said the BOD would not limit the type of structure and is willing to look at all options.  She also said the BOD agrees that we are not impressed with the look of that building.


Pat Cressman asked what effect the construction will have on this year’s rental program?  Pat M. said we hope to have as little disruption as possible.


Richard Klaubert asked about the demolition?   Pat M. said this is part of the RFP.


Pat M. thanked Wes and Al Chilson for all of the work they have done this winter in the basement of the Rec Building.  Pat M. also asked the owners to respect the dumpster being used by PIB Construction and not to use it.


Bill Menard asked if the BOD would be able start construction before the entire Assessment is collected?  Pat M. said she hoped that we can.


Bill Grant reported that FEMA has allegedly now listed the JOLROA to be in a flood zone.  Bill G. said unit #50 sold with no problem and unit #17 has a problem.  The BOD is looking into this matter aggressively.  Bill G. stated that this could result in an increase cost to our insurance by $1,1.00 per building per year.  Pat M. said she has been working on this with Bob Keating spent upward of $30,000 regarding FEMA in the past. Neither FEMA nor the Town of Woodstock has notified the BOD on this issue.  Pat M. has informed the Town of Woodstock that she wants to file an appeal.  Bob Keating has given the BOD the name of the attorney who dealt with this matter in the past.


Richard Klaubert asked if this will affect all financing?  Pat M. said it might.


Robert DeFabriezio questioned whether this would need to be disclosed in the future?  Pat M. said be opened as not to put yourself in jeopardy of perjury.


Bill Grant spoke on WIFI.  The BOD looked at several options and costs.  Many of the options required all 50 owners to participate and would cost approximately $30 a month per unit.  The BOD feels at this time to leave this matter to individual owners.


Pat M. asked for a vote to accept the budget?  The vote was unanimous.


Pat M. spoke about the change of the transfer fee.  The old transfer fee is currently $250.00.  A motion was made to change to change the transfer to read:


Delete the Section 5 and replace as follows:

5. Initial Assessment. Upon the transfer or sale at Jack O’Lantern Resort Condominium the buyer of said unit being assessed a sum equal to three (3) months current condominium fees as a contribution to the capital of the association and/or an operating reserve.  This assessment is to be collected at closing by the selling or conveying party or his agent and is to be delivered to the Unit Owners association or its agent within 5 days of recording of the unit deed.

End of Proposed Amendment


Liz Benotti asked why now?  Pat M. said we have never increased this and it will give the association some needed income.  We have checked with other associations and this will put us in line with the industry standards.


A vote was taken to accept the motion, it was unanimously approved.


Pat M. will forward this to our attorney, who will then record it.  It should be completed within 14 days.


Bill G. spoke about owner’s equipment storage. Bill said the BOD feels that the association should not be responsible for owner’s personal equipment.  He suggested that the owners get together and look into storage units located down the road.


Bruce W. reminded owners that snowmobiles must be removed by the end of the winter season.


Wes will remove the firewood from the units that are in the rental program.


Dennis Duggan asked about the golf nets along the first fairway?  Pat M. said this was still a major concern and that there has been no change at this time with Bethcat.


Meeting adjourned at 10:15 a.m.