Jack O'Lantern Resort Owners Association

Annual Meeting Minutes October 25, 2008

10:00 a.m.



Attendees: BOD

Pat McDermott, Bill Grant, Roger Hultgren, Dennis Duggan, Doug Maguire and Bruce Whitehead

Owners and other attendees: Richard Lamontagne, Phil & Liz Benotti, Connie Foley, Jeff & Stephanie Berenson, Kathy Grant, Gary Farrow, John Clifford, Ian & Julie Vogt, David & Pat Cressman, Bill Menard, Susan Almeida, Andy & Joanne Richard, Lynda Constantineau, Victor & Susan Alves, Michael Carrafiello, John & Elaine Egolf, Robert Glennon, Richard & Tammy Jerome, Robert DeFabrizio, Cilla Avery Unit 5 (Fords), Dan Chick, Barry & Grace Farquharson, Ronald & Janet Daly, Bob & Charlene Curtin, Mike & Katy McCadden, Al Chilson, Ken Cournoyer, Chris Hannon, Brian & Linda Berlind, Charles Buzanis, Pat Whitehead, Kathleen Hultgren.


Pat M. welcomed all the owners.  Bill G. and Doug M. presented the 2008 actual results and the 2009 proposed budget.  Doug M. explained that broken windows accounted for $1,150.00, interiors repairs $900.00, upgrades to outdoor pool $900.00, and also employee pay increase (Wes).  The 2008 budget is approximately $1,000.00 over budget because of these additional costs.


The Reserve Account as of January 1st, 2008 was $72,875.08, which included approximately $48,000 in encumbered funds.  The estimated balance for the end of 2008 should be $78,865.87 of which approximately  $48,000 has been encumbered for the three remaining phase I roofs.


Robert DeFabrizio, comment was could these roofs wait until next year spring of 2009. Respond: Bill G. stated that one of the roofs would probably need to be completed but this option will be considered.


Bill G. said at the present time the Reserve Account has a balance of $30,000.00, which is a low for an association our size.


Bill G. presented the proposal for the 2009 budget.  He stated that the BOD would be increasing the fees quarterly by $60.00.  Reasons for the increase are expenses for the indoor pool and hot tub will be in the 2009 budget. In 2008,we did not have an indoor and hot tub. Bill said he has estimated that utilities fees will be increasing  approximately by 19%.  In 10 years we will need to replace the roofs in phase II. Currently there are no funds in the Reserve Account for this project.


Bill G. told the owners that Doug Maguire is leaving his position at the end of 2008, and Julie Vogt will be his replacement beginning January 1st.


Pat M. updated the owners about the new cabana. The BOD met with the four finalists for the cabana project.  The finalist was CCI who was awarded the contract.  Pat M. & Dennis D. became the construction committee.  After the demolition of the old cabana the foundation was inspected and found to be cracked and soil testing was performed. It was discovered that old materials from a building that had burned down years ago were under the foundation.  The crew found 89 feet of damaged foundation, it was removed and replaced including soil replacement.  CCI was a great help throughout the process.  Budget changes were made to the original contract to provide for the additional costs of the project due to the crack in the foundation.  The new not to exceed contract was renegotiated in the amount of $479,513.00. 


Pat. M. gave an assessment update, she stated that 48 owners had paid $480,000.00 Two owners had not paid their assessment in the amount of $20,000.00.  She said one of the owners hopes to pay within two weeks of the meeting. 


New Cabana: Pat M. said the new indoor pool would have a mechanical pool cover that would control moisture as well as cut down costs of heat and pool chemicals.  The new cabana will have windows on three sides as well as tubular ceiling skylights, sliding glass doors going to the new outside deck, the restrooms will be handicapped accessible, the exterior siding will be pre-finished cement planking (sage green in color), trim, medium taupe, new roofs will match the new roofs in phase I, the pool deck will be swept concrete, the new security system will cover the new indoor and outdoor pools the recreation building and the dumpster area, the dumpster will be moved to a new location, new propane tanks have been buried.


December 19th is estimated to be the completion date for the new cabana.


A request was made for the pool budget and payments. The BOD will supply this to the owners.


An owner asked who are the two owners who have not paid their assessment, and  would  they be allowed to use the pools and facilities?  Pat M. said the Murphy’s and the Greenfield’s and that the BOD is working with our attorney to see what can be done in this case besides the liens on their property.


Dennis D. spoke about the possibility of doing upgrades to the recreational building. He thanked the BOD for all of their hard work throughout the project. He said Turner Engineering has reported that the recreation building is a sound structure.  CCI has turned to be excellent to work with.  He said the proposal the BOD received for upgrades to the recreational building was estimated to be between $70,000.00 to $80,000.00.  This would include removing two layers of old shingles and replacing the roof, new matching siding , new double hung windows for better ventilation, new carpet and  ceiling, electrical upgrades.


Mike Carrafiello, questioned why this needed to be done at this time, since the condo owners have recently paid a $10,000.00 assessment fee and the condo fees are going up $20.00 a month.  Dennis said the BOD is just putting this out to the owners as an option.


Pat Cressman, said she did not think this was the right time to update the recreational building.


Charlene Curtin, this sounds like a good idea, our facilities should be kept up to date.


Gary Farrow, what about just doing the outside of the building only.  Pat M. said the windows must included to be cost affective.


Bob Curtin, could the association borrow the money over a five-year plan? Pat M. the most we could borrow would be $40,000.00.  She said the BOD feels we should save this option as a safety net in case the funds are needed for an emergency.


Barry Farquharson, we should tighten our belts in view of the economy our reserves are to low.


Dave Cressman, I think we should do the floor and lights only.


Kathy Hultgren, Can we do any of the work ourselves?  Pat M. we still have costs and work parties have not been well supported in the past.


Pat M. also stated that the BOD feels everyone will be happy with the cabana but also will be disappointed with the recreational building.


Richard LaMontagne, this may not be the best time the economy may get worse.


Andy Richard, I agree we should wait or maybe we can do an assessment over a longer period of time or have lower payments.


Bill Menard, are the fees going up $20.00?  Pat M. yes.  Are three remaining roofs under contract?  Pat M. no.  PBI is giving us a bid on the three remaining roofs. CCI will also give and estimate.


Old Business:

Wes, wood distribution is in progress.


Wes stated that wood should not be taken from other condo owners.


The fourteen units that have wood stoves will be receiving annual  flu inspections and cleaned if necessary at the owners expense.


Septic systems pumping is done every three years, this will be done over the next two weeks.


Best way for the owners to contact Wes is on line by using JOLshop@gmail.com or by cell phone # 603-348-7911.


If unit has no heat contact Wes first, Franconia Gas second.


Wes reminded the owners to keep their thermostats at 55 degrees. Leave the vanity doors opened and the flu’s in the woodstoves and fireplaces closed.


Ashes in the dumpster is forbidden, please use the can nearest to the dumpster. Last winter there were two dumpster fires.


Pat M. asked that the owners tell the BOD if they are not using Franconia Gas as your service contractor.  The owner is responsible for all cost and service charges.


Pat M. snow mobile trailers must be moved to the overflow parking or brought back home.  Owners need to be careful not to damage property especially the plastic edging along the properties.


Golf Carts: this will be the last year for free golf cart storage.


Dennis D. said the BOD in 2009 would like to start a community calendar of events.  One of the ideas would be a 4th of July celebration for the owners. We are looking for volunteers, suggestions and donations to purchase fire works.  You may contact Bruce W. if you are interested.


New Business:

Jeff Berenson asked of the status of Pemi Glass Company regarding the screens?  Pat M. is dealing with Frank from Pemi Glass.  This year Pemi Glass took it upon themselves to go through all of the units and repaired all of the screens.  In the past only the units  in the rental program were  replaced.  Billing was delayed until the fall and Pemi Glass also added on a 10% service charge per unit. Pat M. said next  year  Pemi Glass was  told they would need to through Wes before repairs are made to the screens.


Bob Curtin, told the BOD that he would not be paying Pemi Glass for his screen replacements since he is not in the rental program and feels his screens did not need to be replaced.  


Charles Buzanis, asked if the BOD would consider having a trial period allowing pets in the condo units.  Pat M. said this matter was asked in the past and the BOD did not want a change in policy since  most condo units are on the golf course and as far as the size of the dog it would be impossible to control such policy.


Joanne Richard, questioned if there was any  WiFi  update?  Bill said BOD would continue to look into the matter.


Joanne Richard, asked if  we could have a storage  rack for kayak’s  Pat M. said that was a good idea and possible placing it down towards the wood shed.


A question was asked relating to the security system.  Pat M. said we have had a lot of problems with large groups of renters.  Wes said there would be eight cameras.  A digital system that will be motion activated.  The cost will be included in the cabana project.


Robert DeFabrizio, asked what the hours and days would be for the pool openings.  Pat M. said the hours would be from 9:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. weekends and school vacation. The pool will not be opened during the week for the winter months when no one is on property.


Joanne Richards, asked if the pool would be opened during April vacation week?  Pat M. said usually the pool is closed for cleaning, etc, but they will try to work around that schedule and have it opened.


Michael Carrafiello, said he would like signs in his condo area  posted saying unit parking only.  Pat M. said that she would see that this is posted.


Bill Menard, question the status of the new locks for the condos?  Pat M. said all the owners that are not on the rental program would be having their locks changed.


The meeting adjourned at 12:20 p.m.


Respectfully submitted,


Bruce Whitehead

BOD Secretary