Jack O'Lantern Resort Owners Association

Annual Meeting Minutes March 21, 2009- 10:00 a.m.


Attendees: BOD Members - Pat McDermott, Dennis Duggan, Bill Grant, Roger Hultgren & Bruce Whitehead, Association Employee Wes Forbes


Owners: Mary Duggan, Kathy Grant, Pat Whitehead, Cilla , Victor Alves, Dick & Sharon Lamontagne, Gary Farrow, Dave & Pat Cressman, Mike Carrafiello, Bob & Linda Glennon, Ian & Julie Vogt, Bill Menard & Susan Almeida, Rick Klaubert, Jeff & Stephanie Berenson, Bob DeFrabrizio, Phil & Liz Benotti, Ken Cournoyer, Tammy & Richard & Tammy Jerome, Don & Gretchen Knapton, Chris Hannon, Tom Grassa & Richard Fontana.


Election of Officers: Bill G. nominated Pat M. & Roger H. for another 3 year term on the BOD. The names and term were unanimously approved.


Pat M. reported that the pool is currently being used.

CCI is continuing  to working on the punch list that is left to do.

Landscaping, walkways and low maintenance pleasant to the eye shrubs are on the Board’s list to be completed in the spring.

The cameras in the pool and Cabana area are an excellent quality.

Handicapped ramp is being utilized.

Gas meter on the outside of the Cabana Building will be covered to keep it from the weather.


Ice dam on the Cabana roof

The Recreation Building is having adverse affect on the Cabana. 

CCI is working with Wes on the problems.

CCI is also working on access plug.

A trap door between the buildings in the attic was installed in order to prevent the moisture in the attic.

The 8 tube lights in the Cabana have collected moisture problems; they have been removed to dry out and will be reinstalled with a new seal to prevent the moisture in the future.

Floor vents in the Cabana are going to be replaced to fit correctly.

New posting signs in the area of the pool are going to be installed.

Spindles in the pool area are being replaced.

Hot tub will be covered in the future with a bubble cover rather than the hard surface cover since it will be easier for the person who puts the cover on and the wear and tear on the cement area.

The new gas tanks have been buried.

The start up cost for the gas was $2,769.93.

New pool furniture has not been purchased.

$498.637.63 owed to CCI for the total Cabana project.

$8,600 is over the cost of the project, at this time the funds will be taken out of the capital reserve account and be replaced as the money comes in.

Outdoor pool will not be heated this year and will be opened starting in mid June until after Labor Day.  

Windows and door need to be closed at all time during the winter months. 

If the windows or doors are opened the building will not be as efficient as it is suppose to be. 


Questions, Etc:

Tom Grassa – Are the doors to remain closed in the summer months?  Pat,No

Jeff Berenson – Can the windows be padlock:  This may violate fire code.

Bob Glennon – How are we on the outstanding $20,000 from the owners who have not paid their assessment fee? Pat, We have been meeting with the lawyers.

Rick Klaubert – We should possible consider using only one door to the pool area in the winter.  Pat, this is our policy already, doors may need to be alarmed.

Tom Grassa – Will the pool be more accessible in late spring and early fall? The Board will work on making the pool more accessible.

Bill G. reported that since Julie Vogt has been on board all has been running smoothly.

Franconia Gas- the usage is up by 30% for the month of January and the price also has increased about 30% over last year.

Budget: the ground maintenance account is up due to the ice dam responsibility.

The Recreation Building increase due to the new propane tank being connected.

Rick Klaubert – Do we fill the propane tank at the best time cost wise? Bill, When possible, we will delay deliveries until the prices fall.

Bob Glennon – Are we getting the best price for the propane?  Bill,Franconia did lower rates from the original contract and the Board is working on next year’s contract.

Bill 2008 cap reserve fund started 2008 at 78,588.63 and ended with free cash of 28,627.03. Phase I roofs were a major disbursement in 2008.

Phase 1, 3 Bldgs. remain to have new roofs installed, with funds currently encumbered.

Pat mentioned that the maintenance equipment is getting old. The BOD will review all options.

Bob Glennon – What tennis courts are going to require maintenance? Bill,the ones near to the golf course has multiple cracks.

Dennis D. said that the BOD is continuing to work on collecting outstanding debt from the owners who have not paid their assessments and owe condo and utility fees. There is a possibility that this process may include shutting off the utilities and attaching their rental income.

Bob Glennon: Are these 2 owners in the rental program? Pat,Yes

Pat M. said the BOD has worked hard to recover the monies owed.

Bill G. said if the units were sold or abandoned we may be 3rd in line to recover our monies owed.

Dennis D. said the BOD is also working towards protecting the JOLROA in recovering the monies.

Dennis D. said that the current documents the BOD has were poorly drafted.  The BOD is working with Attorney Mark Connolly to update the documents. 

Owners with debt fees:

The BOD is taking into consideration on shutting off utilities, attaching rental income, suspend use to the common areas, installing a keypad, charging a renters fee.  The BOD has never done the above but may be forced to do so. 

Dick Lamontagne – Can a delinquent owner be locked out of the cabana? Pat, yes 

Mike Carrafiello – Are the units set to be shut off?  Pat,Yes

Bob DeFabrizio – Will we ever get the money?Bill, One owner there is a possibility and one owner at this time it is looking poorly on collecting.

Golf Membership:

The BOD reported that our attorney feels that Bethcat miss interpreted the reading of the agreement. The BOD reads the document as all of the owners are entitled to a 25% discount on their greens fees.

Rick Klaubert – There was $750.00 spent on windows, how much would it cost to repair or replace the nets? Pat,it would be thousands of dollars.

Tom Grassa – Are the 2 units in question being foreclosed on? Pat, No but liens have been placed on the units.

Mike Carrafiello – How does a lien work? Bill,the bank gets paid first, the town second and the association third.

Phil Benotti – Who is responsible for golf damage costs? Pat, Our attorney told the BOD, first the golfer is responsible, and then the golf course is responsible.

Pat M. said in the past the Keating’s have always paid for damages. At this time Bethcat has not been cooperative in paying for damages.

Bob Glennon – What are we doing with new pool furniture?  Pat said she is looking into it.  Bob mentioned that he knew a place in MA that is going out of business and will give Pat M. the name of the business.

Bill Menard, Are the 2 owners that have not paid their Assessment selling their unit? One  owner ,yes, the other owner has no plans on selling.

Phil Benotti – Is Bethcat still leasing the laundry area? Pat,Yes

Phil Benotti – What units were sold recently?  Units that were sold this past year were units, 50, 7, 46.

Bill Menard Are the owners in debt looking to refinance? Bill, Not to my knowledge.

Rick Klaubert – Do we want people to stay off the area where the indoor pool cover is located? Pat,Yes, a sign will be place in order to keep the people from standing in the area of the pool cover.

Rick Klaubert – He has seen people in the indoor pool area with glass.  The BOD and Wes is working on having signs posted to instruct the people they are not allowed to bring glass in the pool building.

Jeff Berenson – What is going on with the Recreation Building upgrade? Pat has worked with CCI and they have come up with a price in the amount of $100,000 to complete the project. Pat said the BOD received mixed feelings back from the owners. The BOD agrees that the Rec Building is deteriorating and is in need of update. The BOD is also concerned with the Laundry Lease and whether Betcat will particpate in upgrading the recreation bldg.



Wes said the renters will need to have firewood removed from their property.

Ice dam damage will be repaired.

Low temperature alarms again saved the owners from possible costly damage.

Screens – Wes will contact the owners about damages and estimated costs for replacement.

Richard Fontana – Will reoccurring ice dams each year be addressed? Wes, Yes

Don Knapton – The dumpster across the street was not locked this year and is full and has not been emptied. Pat, This will be addressed.

Don Knapton – Snowmobile concern in an e-mail, we were told to remain on the paved area of the golf course. Pat M. said that the BOD was asking the snowmobiles stay off the golf course in respect to the golf course.

Wes – the new cameras and security system is working out great.

Wes – reinforced that no children should be in the pool area without and adult being present.

Julie Vogt – Asked what are Wes’s duties relating to owners requests for performing out of the normal jobs. Pat M. said for Wes’s service the owner will be charged $30.00 per hour.

Parking: Owners have 2 spots only for parking.  Overflow parking signs will be installed.

Rental of Units:  No unit is allowed more than 6 adults.

Grills: Grills are to be kept away from the buildings. No more than 2 grills at one time, 1 gas grill and one charcoal.

Renters are leaving old grills behind. Renters must take their grill back and off the property with them.

July 4th, 2009 – Pat Whitehead said she would spearhead a 4th of July event.  A notice will be sent off to the owners to see if there is an interest. If there is an interest Pat will be looking for volunteers, and ideas. 

Renter are asked to place an emergency list on their refrigerator.

The BOD will e-mail owners the emergency contacts.



The meeting adjourned at 12:00 Noon


Respectfully submitted,

Bruce Whitehead, Secretary